Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Better Work, Bitch

I might just have a new anthem, HAHA

raised whips, fierce trannies, a walk-off, and a creepy Asian dude;
pretty much what life's all about

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Tenderlions (not Tenderloins)

Like I said a while back, circa my Yeah Yeah Yeahs post, I'm not much of a music-blogger; but when I see/hear something I like, I'm on it! Plus, these guys really need more blogs about them!

Straight outta the 415, San Francisco's own Tenderlions know what the fuck is up with beats, bounce, and drums. Their live sets are always on full blast with energy, getting even the smuggest Red-Stripe-hoisting hipsters in crowded venues up and on their fucking feet to rage!
(at least at the last 2 shows I've been to)
They haven't failed to deliver the noise, and I garauntee you they won't fail to make you sweat your brains out.

I (sortof, kindof) remember the first time I've seen the Tenderlions live at Blow Up exactly a month ago, and boy was it insaaaaane! Admittedly, I was pretty fucked up that whole night and can vaguely remember much of what happened, but I can honestly say that I remember going nuts during their set. I wasn't mentally prepared for them to completely blow my mind with their clever remixes of the classic House of Jealous Lovers and Shimmy Shimmy Ya (which was ama-zing!), but they did.
Here's a taste of that night:

So good!

And of course the last time I saw them was at the BFD pre-party! Another video of their performance that night surfaced, so I thought I'd share so we can play a game of "spot me!" hahahah! As stated in my previous blog about the pre-party, it's safe to say that their set was a major part in the insanity that was my night that night. So much sweating and dancing and hand-clapping involved! And a guy in a fucking lion suit! A LION SUIT. Yes, a lion suit. Amazing.

The track playing in the vid is one of my favorites by the Tenderlions called "Karate Chop"
Check it out on their page!
And keep your eyes and ears peeled for these boys, they're doing shit BIG.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

San Francisco, I Love You. (Random #3?)

All I have to say say is:
God, I fucking love San Francisco.
Random (#3)!

if you're gay or not, Trigger is definitely a fun bar to get sauced up at

I actually miss my old living space. This is the catastrophe that was me trying to pack, but we managed to get sidetracked by boozing ourselves up at our friend Andrew's house. Shit. The mayhem began the morning after when I was furiously packing seconds before I shipped out.

To kickoff my summer, I didn't smoke mad weed, I got my wisdom teef pulled. So shitty (but I struck it rich in the vicodin lottery; amazing!). I didn't think I would heal in time for the insanity the was to come the week after.
(See Below.)

I think this is the part of the blog where I'm officially at a loss for words. So I'll try really really hard to sum it up the best I humanly can:

Yessssss, the BFD Pre-Party.

.. And to set it off ;)

Tenderlions, amazing as always.
(Spot me behind Evan, hahaha)

Darling Steve.
"Yeeeeah, Aoki!" hahaha

Literally right in front of Asian Jesus. Right there.
(managed to catch flashes with my cameraphone hahahaha)

Drunk as shit, drugged as shit. Danced the shit outta my feet, raged and raged hard, and sweat until I couldn't sweat no more. Woke up with crazy bruises, a sticker, and a bottle of Goose; worth every fucking second.

Hopefully more visuals of this night surface somewhere on the internet sometime soon, but for the time being I've still got my brain.

Can't wait until we meet again.
Until then, we've got lettuce!
And leftover vicodin.